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Conserving Energy

I have done some things to conserve energy.

First, I made rain barrels to collect rain water at my house. I have four 55 gallon barrels that are connected to downspouts. My wife uses the rain water to water her orchids and ornamental plants.

Every time it rains, we collect water. In a year, I do not know how much water we save, but it is a lot. The PVC barrels were only $3 each at a bread store. I put screens over the top so that mosquitoes cannot get inside (we have never had even one).

If we have a natural disaster, we could also use the collected rain water for drinking (after boiling), washing, or flushing toilets. You never know when you could need water.

We also have a clean 55 gallon barrel for storing drinking water in the event of an emergency.

Second, we changed almost all the lights in our house to compact florescent lights (CFLs). They save a lot of electricity. The only lights we did not change are in the refrigerator, oven, and one light fixture that uses chandelier bulbs (the CFLs were not quite bright enough in that fixture).

Lastly, I sold my Lexus RX 300 (it was out of its extended warranty) and bought a Corolla S. The Corolla gets much better gas mileage and can use the cheapest gas. I usually drive around by myself, and did not need an SUV. I could have bought a smaller Lexus, but it would not have gotten as good gas mileage. For me, gas mileage mattered.

We should all try our best to conserve energy. By saving energy, we also save money. More importantly, it is good for the environment.

We should also try to conserve energy in our Karate training. Wasted energy does us no good. When we waste energy, we grow tired more quickly and give the attacker more movement to react to. In Judo, they say, "Maximum efficiency with minimum effort."

Conserve energy.


Charles C. Goodin