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Book Donations

I have just listed three new books that were donated to the Hawaii Karate Museum. Two were donated by a Karate Sensei and one was donated by the book author (he is also a Karate Sensei).

Please see: seinenkai.com and click on the What's New? link.

I cannot tell you how much we appreciate book donations. We make a point to name the donors of each book in our collection. If you review our collection (several hundred books), you will see that many have been donated. I am especially honored when authors sends us their new books. It is an honor for us to receive them.

I should let everyone know that we have recently acquired a Karate-Do Kyohan by Gichin Funakoshi. I appears to be a 1935 edition, and may actually be a first edition. We have our fingers crossed. The book is being sent from Japan.

From time to time, people adopt our books. We acquired this book with Museum funds. It was not donated. If you would like to have you name listed in our collection as "Acquired with a donation by 'Your Name'", please contact me. This is an expensive book, and such a listing would cost about $700. I realize that this is a lot, but this is also a very special book, especially if you are in Funakoshi Sensei's line of Karate.

Funakoshi Sensei wrote five books (that we know about). So far, our museum has acquired originals of three of these books. Of course, we are trying our best to acquire them all.

For all of you who have donated books to us, a heartfelt thank you. When you review our collection, you will see that we have some very well-known donors. We also have many donors, who may not be well-know, but deeply respect and support Karate, its history and traditions.

As for me, I am like a little ant. A little here and a little there, and the collection grows. I am a book ant.

Thank you very much again. I keep waiting for someone to donate Motobu Sensei's two books (originals). That would be something! I have not even seen originals of them. Perhaps before I turn 60!


Charles C. Goodin