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Bench Press

Tonight I tried to set a new personal best in the bench press -- 205 pounds. I got the bar down to my chest fine! Thank goodness my second son Charles was there to spot me.

I will have to work up to that weight. But I am working on it.

When I hear about people benching 300 or even 400 pounds I just shake my head.

I always say that I may not be able to bench 400 pounds, but I could bench 100 pounds 4 times. Sometimes it is not how much you can lift once, but how much you can lift cumulatively. In Karate too, it is not about practicing well once, but about practicing regularly all the time.

Still, I would have liked to have hit 205! My third son weighs about the same as me (170) but can bench 245. It is really challenging to try to compete with my sons! Even though I almost always lose, I win!


Charles C. Goodin