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Aim High

I like to emphasize this.

Aim high. What is within your grasp is good, but reach farther. Stretch out your hand! Stand on the tips of your toes! Get a box and stand on it!

Don't try to be better at something than the person sitting next to you. Don't try to be better than the best person in your class or group or school. Try to be better than the best person that ever lived.

What if Einstein only sought to surpass the person sitting next to him?

If you try to be better than the best person ever, and you fail, you might still end up being 10 times better than the best person in your class or group or school. You are not challenging the best person ever out of disrespect -- you are just challenging yourself!

Even Einstein, when he solved so many of the great riddles of the universe, did not stop. He continued to search for a unified theory for the rest of his life. He was not done. He was not content with fame. He was still reaching!

When you are reaching, life is always very interesting. When you settle for less, it can become pretty boring!

If I had a Karate student who said, "Sensei, I am going to try to become as skilled as you," I would reply, "Why are you aiming so low? Try to become the very best you can be!"

How many people can you say have become the very best that they could be? Think about it. Do you know anyone? Anyone at all? If you do, I'll bet that that person is still reaching, still striving, still growing. Otherwise, they are not the best that they could be now. Yesterday's level is not good enough. This is a new day, and tomorrow will be another new day.

Aim high! If you fall down, you might find a diamond! Get back up and keep going.

One of the great fortunes in my Karate life has been to be able to meet, and in some instances, to train with some truly great Karate Sensei. All are much better than me -- many times so. I am inspired by them and they give me good targets! They help me to realize what it means to aim high. They did. So can we!

Aim high! Don't settle. A determined person can accomplish anything. You can accomplish anything!


Charles C. Goodin