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More On Big Throws

There is a reason why you might want to use a big throw. Think about it. Have you come up with a reason?

At least one reason may be that you want to throw the attacker onto his back. In sport martial arts, you might get a point or even win for doing this.

However, for self-defense there are many other ways to make the attacker land. You could, for example, make him land on his face or the top of his head. You could throw him in such a way that it would be very difficult for him to take a clean fall. In fact, you could throw him with the intention of breaking bones.

Such a throw would not be legal in sport martial arts (for good reason). But for self-defense, a throw could and probably should be considered as part of the counter attack. Except briefly, a throw that simply puts the attacker safely on his back will not stop him from attacking.

Again, sometimes the best throws are small ones -- often a tight, downward spiral.


Charles C. Goodin