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McCarthy Sensei on YouTube

I usually do not provide links to YouTube videos. Sometimes, videos of a Sensei will be on YouTube without his permission.

But some Sensei post videos on YouTube. Sensei Patrick McCarthy has recently done so, and announced it publicly. So I feel good about letting readers know about his YouTube presence.

Please see:

McCarthy Sensei has posted a wide range of video clips (52 so far) ranging from historic footage to excerpts of his training videos. He has been a generous supporter of the Hawaii Karate Museum and I admire his willingness to share his knowledge about the martial arts, in print, on video, and in person.

By comparison, I am far more reluctant to share videos of myself. You could call it selfishness, being conservative, or being unsure. I appreciate Sensei, such as McCarthy Sensei, who are willing to "put it out there." In the case of YouTube, he is doing so free of charge. How about that!


Charles C. Goodin