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Japanese Influence on MA

Another thing that Stan Henning mentioned in his lecture about Chinese martial arts, was that monks in Southern China used their fighting skills to defend against Japanese pirates.

We also know that Okinawans (then in the Ryukyu Kingdom) had to develop their own martial arts to defend themselves against invading and occupying Japanese samurai from Satsuma (on Kyushu).

The martial arts owe a lot to the Japanese!

I am only joking. However, most Karate students who are taught that Karate originated in Japan (not exactly true), know little or nothing about the actual history that led to the development of Karate.

Karate was developed in Okinawa largely based on Okinawan students experiences with Chinese martial arts (Tu, or To, or Kara), as well as the indigenous mostly grappling art of Ti (or Te).


Charles C. Goodin