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A Confession

I have to confess something. On Monday nights I have been wearing a black Judo gi at the dojo. We train in a matted room on Monday nights, and I like to teach ukemi and take downs, thus the Judo gi. But I did not want anyone to say that I was teaching Judo or Aikido, thus the black gi.

However, I know that some people might say that I am dressed like a Kenpo person, and in fact I did teach Kenpo before I even studied Shorin-Ryu. In some ways, once Kenpo always Kenpo.

But when you really get down to it, I just wanted to wear black sometimes. Color shouldn't matter, and I have been wearing white for over 30 years. I sort of missed the black gi. A black Judo gi is so nice!

And black gi don't get as dirty.

Actually, I think that Kendo gi are the nicest. But they are not made for grappling and they don't come with matching bottoms. I don't like hakama (they are just too hard to fold).

So if you ever see me in black, it means that I am teaching Shorin-Ryu ukemi and take downs.


Charles C. Goodin