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Weight Placement and Pivoting -- Part 8

Sorry, I thought of something that is essential to add to this discussion.

One of the first things that Shinzato Sensei taught me is that "you cannot move freely if your mind is fixed."

Many people who move like robots believe that they are supposed to do so. Perhaps that is how they learned or how their seniors move.

You cannot fly like a bird if you think that you have to hop like a toad or crawl like a snake.

Before you can move freely, you have to let go of the stiff (fixed, rigid) attitudes you hold in your mind. Really. This is one of the most profound things I ever learned.

By extension, you cannot move freely if you are hung up on rank, titles, championships, money, power, etc. How could you?

"You cannot move freely if your mind is fixed."


Charles C. Goodin