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Old Style or New Style?

In our school, we practice a form of Shorin-Ryu known as Kishaba Juku. The roots of the art can be directly traced to such leading figures as Sokon Matsumura and Tode Sakugawa. In this regard, we could say that we practice an "old" style of Karate.

However, I would also say that our form is very modern -- incredibly modern. Our form of Karate evolves moment by moment. It is not fixed. We are not doing things the same way that Sokon Matsumura and Tode Sakugawa did. Even if they were great, even if we could go back in time and observe their movements, I feel that we would not be content to simply mimic their movements. Even if they are greater than we could ever be, we should not only try to copy them. We should strive to be the very best that we can be and never be content to rest on what we have or anyone else has accomplished.

Our art evolves moment by moment.

I am confident that my Sensei would be critical in the afternoon of the progress he has made that morning.


Charles C. Goodin