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No Patches

I have written on this subject before, but would like to make the point again.

I do not like patches and we do not wear any in our dojo. I do not like any brand symbols on my gi. I remove them and urge my students to do the same.

I do not like writing on my belt. I wear a plain black belt. When it gets tattered, I buy a new one. My sons prefer to wear no belt at all.

I do not like snappy gi. The sound hurts my ears!

I do not like to associate my dojo or my understanding of Karate with any symbols, colors, designs, patches, names, sayings, dojo kun, or the like.

Karate is in the training. What counts most is the relationship between the Sensei and his or her students (not associations or organizations). If my Sensei is kind enough to consider me his student, that is more than enough for me -- and I feel extremely lucky for it!

Karate training is more than enough, without embellishment.

If you train well, you need nothing else. If have everything else (the embellishments), but do not train well, is that really Karate?

If you need a patch, let it be your character.


Charles C. Goodin