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Extinguishing A Candle

A while back, one of my sons was trying to extinguish a candle by punching the flame. The candle was on a table and he was punching diagonally down toward the flame. He was having a hard time.

I walked over and extinguished the flame with an uraken (back fist). My son looked a little surprised but I explained that there is more wind with an uraken so it is naturally easier to extinguish a flame.

If someone offered you money to extinguish a candle with one punch, you could just punch the wick and squash it into the liquid wax. That would put the flame out!

People tend to be fascinated with things like extinguishing candles. There is some skill to it, but it is mostly a trick. You could develop good focus and control by practicing striking a hanging towel or piece of cloth.

If you really want to extinguish something, you should work on extinguishing bad habits! (Me too.)


Charles C. Goodin