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Beautiful and Terrifying Kata

Today I mentioned to a Karate student that I considered the Yamani-Ryu version of Sakugawa Nu Kun to be the most beautiful bo kata I have ever seen, and Shirataru Nu Kun to be the most terrifying.

In a similar way, I would say that the Tomari version of Passai is beautiful, while Rohai and Chinto are terrifying.

To me, Kusanku and Wankan are nice, while the Naihanchi kata are deep. The Pinan kata are primarily derivative of Kusanaku, with a little Passai, and thus are nice.

Ananku is essentially Pinan 6.

Wanshu and Gojushiho are a bit unusual.

Fukyugata Ichi is like origami, while Fukyugata Ni is a bit odd (because it is a Goju-Ryu kata that has been modified to the Shorin-Ryu format).

Sakugawa Nu Kun and Passai could be done as dances without modification.

These are just my impressions.


Charles C. Goodin