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Synchronized Kata

One of the forms of kata competition you might see in tournaments today is synchronized kata -- two or more competitors performing a kata in unison. Some groups are extremely good at this, from the entrance, to the kata itself, to leaving the stage... everything is perfectly together. Such groups must spend countless hours practicing together to attain such precision and unison.

I must say that this type of kata performance is not my cup of tea. I do not care if a kata is done in unison in a group -- I care that each movement is done correctly. I care about power generation and transfer. I care about composure and focus. I care about the meaning of each movement.

I dislike posing. I dislike "selling" movements. I dislike theatrics. I dislike screaming type kiai. I dislike it when people shake their hands to show power. I don't even like it when students announce the kata they will perform. It all seems too much to me.

As for synchronized kata, it is important to me that the student himself is synchronized and coordinated -- that he is using his whole body in the most efficient and effective manner possible.

These are just my views.


Charles C. Goodin