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Push-Ups For Yawning

The other evening, one of our students yawned during class. I told the students that if anyone else yawned, I would make them do ten push-ups. I told everyone that they should yawn through their nose, and not cover their mouths with their hands -- because this could be a distracting movement.

Sure enough, a different student yawned a few minutes later and I instructed him to do 10 push-ups.

At the end of class, the student who had to do push-ups apologized to me in a very respectful manner. I said, "I did not give the push-ups to you, I gave them to the yawn."

With effort and attention, we can control things like yawning. We can learn to focus. We can learn to sit still and not itch. We can learn to listen for the small sounds that might warn us of an impending attack.

A yawn is a little thing, but learning to control it is the beginning of a big thing.

I don't usually give push-ups for bad behavior. With yawns, I am giving push-ups to the student's body.


Charles C. Goodin