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Paying the Dojo

When I was a youth, I was a Boy Scout. One thing I remember hearing over and over whenever we went camping was that we should make the camping area cleaner when we left than how we found it. That has always stuck with me. Whenever I went fishing, I would try to pick up some litter or tangled fishing line. Even now, when I lift weights at home, I pick leaves and water plants between sets.

The same applies in the dojo. We pay the dojo by keeping it clean and neat. We really do not pay the Sensei. We pay the dojo itself.

We sweep the dojo before training and set out the chairs and fans. We put things away after training. We try to keep the dojo neat and organized. If the dojo is messy, our Karate will be messy.

The dojo also represents "us." We should keep the dojo clean just as we should keep ourselves clean. We should conduct ourselves in a respectable and reserved manner in the dojo. We should speak in a civil manner and avoid profanity, both inside and outside of the dojo. There are many ways that we pay the dojo -- by our effort and by showing respect.

Always leave the dojo cleaner than how you found it.


Charles C. Goodin