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Today I planted five papaya seedlings in my backyard. I dug nice holes, loosened the soil, mixed in some potting mix, and planted the seedlings with care. I will water them regularly and apply some fertilizer from time to time. In a year or so, I am hopeful that we will have some delicious papayas.

This is how I feel when we have a new student in the dojo. We will all do a lot of work to train the student. We will do our best because we hope that the student will bear fruit.

I do not want five big papaya trees that just have leaves, nor do I want Karate students who will only keep their Karate to themselves. Just as a tree produces fruit, I always hope that a student will help to teach and pass on the art.

My father-in-law used to do an interesting thing when his papaya trees would not bear fruit. He would drive a stake though its trunk a few inches from the ground. Strange as it may seem, it worked. Lucky for Karate students that they are not papaya trees.

As Karate students, we all have to ask ourselves, "are we bearing fruit?"


Charles C. Goodin