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Follow-Up On Synchronized Kata

In my post entitled Synchronized Kata, I mentioned that such kata in tournaments are "not my cup of tea."

I added that: "I dislike posing. I dislike "selling" movements. I dislike theatrics. I dislike screaming type kiai. I dislike it when people shake their hands to show power. I don't even like it when students announce the kata they will perform. It all seems too much to me."

I did not mean to suggest that people performing synchronized kata are posing, "selling movements, being theatrical, etc. I apologize if I gave that impression.

People performing synchronized kata might be doing such things or they might not. The same is true of solo kata. It all depends on the person/group.

My main point was that I did not particularly like synchronized kata as a category in tournaments. It is just not "my cup of tea." We all have our likes and dislikes. My own opinions are just that. I am just one voice among many.

I do like to watch people perform kata. I like kata when it is demonstrated, not performed. What I mean by this is I enjoy watching kata done in the way it is intended to be done, not necessarily the way that it is "best" or necessary to do in a tournament. I hope that you get what I mean. There are some kata that are done one way in the dojo and another for tournaments. I like to see the dojo version, which is usually the old way.

When I see a big gathering of senior instructors, I want to see each and every one of them demonstrate their kata. I don't mean that I want them to compete with each other. I simply want to see how they move and compose themselves. The older they are, the better. It is not about competition, it is about refinement.

Again, this is just my own view.


Charles C. Goodin