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First Impression

I am an attorney by profession and over the years have had to review resumes from job applicants. There is a general saying that if there is a typographical or other error in the resume, the applicant will make errors in work too. That is why it is extremely important for resumes to be thoroughly reviewed and perfect by the time they are submitted.

First impressions are extremely important and, in my opinion, generally accurate.

What is the first impression we make in Karate? It is not our punches and kicks. Long before someone sees our techniques, they form an impression of us by the way we conduct ourselves -- by our courtesy and respect.

If a student has bad courtesy and respect, these are like errors in a resume. Our first impression is that the student is rude and/or poorly trained. This first impression will probably stick in our mind. It will be difficult for the student to ever change that impression.

That is why is it extremely important that students learn to present themselves in a courteous and respectful manner. Strong techniques can follow, but their manners will be our first impression.

Begin well and end well. As the saying goes, Karate begins and ends with courtesy (not just in form but in attitude as well).


Charles C. Goodin