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Demonstrating "My" Style

I study and teach the Kishaba Juku form of Okinawan Shorin-Ryu.

If someone were to ask me to demonstrate Kishaba Juku, I would have to decline. How can I demonstrate the art? I am just a student, even if I am also a teacher. What I do does not represent the entire art or even our particular style. What I do is simply my interpretation of Kishaba Juku.

I could say, "I will demonstrate my interpretation of Kishaba Juku at this point in time." That would be the best I could do. And I would also have to tailor the presentation to the audience, meaning that I would have to keep things pretty basic. Such a presentation would not fairly represent Kishaba Juku. It would be just a personal snap shot.

If someone asked me to demonstrate Shorin-Ryu, I would have to decline for the same reasons. My "expertise" in Shorin-Ryu is even more limited than it is in my own particular style. There are many forms of Shorin-Ryu. How could I demonstrate them all? All I "know" is just a small part of one line of Shorin-Ryu. It would be just a piece of a personal snap shot.

If someone asked me to demonstrate Karate... well, you can guess what I would say. Shorin-Ryu is just one form of Karate and my particular style is just one form of Shorin-Ryu. And my view and understanding of Kishaba Juku is just a small part of the overall system (at this point in time), and personal to me.

I have used the word "style" to describe Kishaba Juku for want of a better term. Kishaba Juku is a private training group, not a style (or ryu) per se. What matters is not the name of the style or group but the personal relationship between the Sensei and students. Our training is a personal rather than an institutional thing.

Can I demonstrate Kishaba Juku? Only a little.


Charles C. Goodin