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Martial Arts DVDs

Like most martial artists, I enjoy watching martial arts DVDs. I like DVDs of all arts, not just Karate. Right now, I have been watching early footage of Aikido. I also really enjoy any DVDs about Penjat Silat and related arts.

I believe that DVDs are worth what people are willing to pay for them. If someone wants to pay $100 for a DVD, that is his business. But I don't think that price and quality are necessarily related. Some excellent DVDs are very inexpensive and some terrible ones might be quite expensive. It all depends.

But here are my two gripes. I don't like 30 or 45 minute DVDs. I appreciate it when a DVD is an hour or two. When DVDs are really short, I get the feeling that they are trying to get people to buy many different ones. Film quality is certainly not the issue. DVDs can easily hold more than an hour of very good footage.

Also, I don't like music. When I practice Karate, there is never any music (not even in my mind). Why should there be music when we watch the old masters? I'm sure there was not music back then either. And the music tends to be pretty stereotypical. If it is Japanese, the background music has to be shakuhachi. Sanshin (shamisen) for Okinawan things.

As far as YouTube goes, I always wonder whether the footage is authorized by the owner. That is why I rarely post YouTube links here.

But I do enjoy browsing YouTube from time to time. Do a search for Shioda. Gozo Shioda was such a remarkable Aikido Sensei!


Charles C. Goodin