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Last Class of the Year

Last Wednesday was the last class of the year for our dojo. We tend to take off the last training day before Christmas Eve. This is the talk I give to my students each year:

This is the last class of the year. I want to thank all of you who have come out to train. I know that Christmas is a very busy time of the year. We all have parties and events to attend.

In Karate, and martial arts in general, it is very important to end well. You have trained hard this year. By being here, you are ending the year well. Try your best today and finish with a strong spirit and good attitude.

It is also important to begin the year well. Our first training of the New Year will be on January 7th. Please try your best to attend class that day.

We should always begin and end the year well. And for that matter, we should try our best on every day of the year.

We should always try our very best, in Karate and in all things.

But it is especially important to begin and end well. If you do a good job but show a bad attitude at the end, that is all that your boss will remember.

Begin with a good spirit and attitude, try your best at all times, and end with a good spirit and attitude.
Too many people are just going through the motions of doing things. Too many people are in one place, but thinking of another. Too many people are in a dreamlike state.

In Karate, we should have a firm conviction, a focused mind, a strong body, and the will to succeed and overcome adversity. If we learn that, we can do anything.

The self-defense aspect of Karate is just a small fraction of the art.

Being and end well.


Charles C. Goodin