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Why We Must Improve Our Movements

I had to write my last post (Budo Karate -- Life And Death) for this one to make sense.

When Karate is practiced as a matter of life and death (not for sport, show, health only, as a business, etc.), it is absolutely imperative that students improve their movements. Being pretty good or even second best is not enough. Second best will get you killed.

If you are going to jump out of an airplane, you don't want to have a "pretty good" parachute. Your life is on the line. You are staking your life on that parachute.

Karate is no less important than a parachute. You are staking your life on it --at least people who practice Karate as a matter of life and death do so.

Suppose you are practicing Karate so that you can compete in tournaments only. What is the consequence of losing? If you lose you simply do not win -- you can compete another day.

But if your life is on the line, what is the consequence of being unprepared -- of not learning to move the very best you can? I will let you answer that yourself.

If your life is on the line, you must take Karate seriously. Your life could hinge on each and every movement. There is no second chance, no calling a timeout.

Life and death are what is at stake in Karate.


Charles C. Goodin