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Things To Do When Promoted

Here are some things a student might do when he or she is promoted:

  • Thank your Sensei and seniors for teaching you.
  • Practice even harder, in all aspects of your life.
  • Help your juniors even more.
  • Don't talk about it.
Promotions should be accepted with a sense of humility and commitment.

And remember that if the student has the requisite skill, the promotion is simply a recognition of that fact. If the student is skilled, the promotion will not change that. If the student is not skilled, a promotion will not remedy that. Skill comes from hard work only, not pieces of paper.

As an instructor, I am always curious to see how a student reacts when he is promoted. How he reacts will reflect why he is practicing Karate.
  • If the student thanks his Sensei and seniors, then the promotion reflects his sense of gratitude.
  • If the student trains even harder, then the promotion reflects his desire to train.
  • If the student helps his juniors even more, then the promotion reflects his love the art and compassion for his fellow students.
  • If the student promptly or shortly quits, he was seeking the promotion itself rather than training himself.
  • If the student talks about it, then the promotion might reflect a sense of insecurity or desire for attention.
When it comes to promotions, it is best to get it and forget it. Receive it with composed gratitude and get back to work. Don't let the promotion get in the way of your training.

And don't forget that an attacker on the street won't know and won't care about your rank. Neither will a falling tree, a hurricane, a flood, or other natural disaster.


Charles C. Goodin