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Salute To Veterans

Today we honor America's veterans. My father was a career Air Force enlisted man and my wife's father was a career Navy enlisted man.

I started martial arts practice when my father was stationed at Misawa Air Force Base in Northern Japan. I practiced Judo and the base gymnasium. That is also where I first saw Kendo.

When we moved to Hickam Air Force Base in Hawaii, I started to practice Judo again. Later, I started to practice Kenpo Karate under Florentino S. Pancipanci at Hickam. He also had advanced classes at Schofield Barracks and Barber's Point. I next practiced Kenpo Karate under Edward Wallace at the CHA-3 quonset hut in Moanalua. That program was administered by the Navy.

I later taught Karate at Hickam Air Force Base.

In all the classes I took at military bases, there were active duty military personnel training and teaching. Some of the early Karate instructors after World War II were servicemen or government employees who had learned Karate while stationed in Japan or Okinawa.

My point is that my own martial arts training was thanks to the U.S. military. Countless other military personnel and their dependents around the world were able to learn martial arts thanks to the military.

Were it not for the military, I am pretty sure that I would have not learned martial arts and would not have formed the Hawaii Karate Museum.

I send my respect to the men and women who have served with distinction in the United States military. There is a saying that freedom is not free. Were it not for our veterans, we would not be free.


Charles C. Goodin