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Kata -- Never Boring

I am easily bored. When I attended graduate school (business), I would bring thick religion and philosophy books to read during class. If I read a book, I could pay attention to the lectures. Otherwise, I would fall asleep!

But there is one thing that never makes me bored -- kata. No matter how many times I practice a kata, it is never boring. Naihanchi Shodan is thought of by some people as one of the most basic kata. Not to me! I can do the kata over and over, this week, next week, next year, etc. No matter how many times I practice that kata, or any kata, I find that I learn something.

How can I move more efficiently? How do the movements relate to each other? What are the applications? What are the variations? How is the timing? How can be movements be connected or separated?

Do you remember being a young student in biology class? A little drop of pond water looks like nothing until you put it under the microscope. Then... wow! There is a whole world in that little drop.

Kata are like that. I don't care how kata are scored in tournaments. I don't care how they look to an audience. When I practice kata, I am in that drop of water.

I am never bored when I practice or teach kata. Perhaps that is the reason I have never stopped practicing.


Charles C. Goodin