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41 Things To Protect Yourself

As Karate students, we spend a great deal of time practicing self defense techniques. Here are some practical things you can do to protect yourself:

  1. Carry a cellular phone.
  2. Let your loved ones know where you are.
  3. Install smoke detectors in your house.
  4. If you have smoke detectors in your house, make sure that the batteries are good.
  5. Make sure that you have a fire extinguisher.
  6. Wear your seatbelt.
  7. Make sure that the headrest in your car is properly positioned to help prevent whiplash.
  8. Drive slow.
  9. Don't use your cellular phone while driving.
  10. Use car seats for infants and young children.
  11. Get regular health check ups.
  12. Get into the best shape possible.
  13. Exercise regularly.
  14. Watch your diet. Eat healthy food.
  15. Properly dispose of expired medications.
  16. Speak to your doctor about your medications. Make sure that you take them properly. Some cold medications can increase your blood pressure which can be a real problem if you already have high blood pressure.
  17. Make sure that your health insurance is current.
  18. Keep matches and lighters away from young children.
  19. Avoid dangerous places (such as gas stations at midnight).
  20. When someone cuts you off on the road, don't yell at them or "flip them off." They might be armed.
  21. Make sure that your hurricane kit is properly stocked.
  22. Make sure that your bird flu stocks are sufficient.
  23. Have a NOAA weather radio.
  24. Have a home fire evacuation plan.
  25. Make sure that your home pool is properly covered and secured.
  26. Wear sunscreen.
  27. Make sure you have jumper cables in your car.
  28. Think before you speak, particularly if you are angry.
  29. Don't abuse alcohol or drugs.
  30. Don't smoke.
  31. Choose your sex partner(s) carefully and practice safe sex. Sexually transmitted diseases can kill you or make your terribly ill.
  32. In the ocean, don't swim in murky water or at night.
  33. At the beach, pay attention to posted warning signs.
  34. Don't swim alone.
  35. Don't dive into shallow water. (I did this and could have broken my neck.)
  36. Don't squirt lighter fluid into a fire.
  37. Tie your shoe laces before you trip.
  38. Don't overload electrical outlets or surge protectors.
  39. Change your passwords.
  40. Back up your files.
  41. Stop, drop and roll.
Learning self defense is good but being careful in everyday life is equally important.


Charles C. Goodin