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Where To Train

Several prospective students visited a Karate instructor to ask to join his dojo. The instructor spoke with each of them first to better understand their expectations.

The first prospective student said that he wanted to learn Karate quickly and could spend no more than three hours in training. The instructor referred him to a self-defense seminar held at a local high school.

The second prospective student said that she had only one year to study and wanted to get an overview of Karate. The instructor referred her to a one credit Karate course held at a local community college.

The third prospective student said that he wanted to do well in tournaments and had five years to train. The instructor referred him to the dojo down the street that was known for its success in tournaments.

The fourth prospective student said that while she wanted to learn self defense, she primarily wanted to improve herself and had a lifetime to train. "Welcome to our dojo!" said the instructor.

Where you should train depends on what you are looking for and how much time and effort you are willing to devote.


Charles C. Goodin