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Training During Chemo

As I mentioned before, my wife was diagnosed with breast cancer and is now undergoing chemotherapy. She will have six treatments and has had two so far. Her third is next week and the last one is scheduled for around Christmas.

She will have other types of treatments after that (Herceptin, hormone blocking and radiation), but the chemotherapy is the most difficult for her.

You might have noticed that I have been posting more in the last couple of months. One reason for this is that I have canceled most of my appointments during my wife's chemo so that I can help her with things.

Actually, I have sort of vowed to try to get into good shape during her treatments, which in total will last a year. I am training, riding an exercise bike (over an hour tonight), and weightlifting with my sons. I can see how this might seem selfish, but I figure that if I am in good shape I will be better able to help my wife and also less likely to become ill, which could also expose my wife to sickness.

I am also posting more because I am trying to keep mentally active. I am trying to write down as much a possible while I have the time and energy to do so. I am not worried about my health as much as the concern that in time I will be less enthusiastic about writing. In the end, the only way to learn Karate is to practice. I realize this. But I am hopeful that in these posts I am covering some things that will be helpful to other students of Karate.

I know that the Guest Posts are helpful, especially to me.

Thank you to the people who have asked about my wife and sent their thoughts and prayers. It is much appreciated. My wife is doing very well. She is an extraordinary person.

Her hair had started to fall out after the first chemo treatment. It was very upsetting to her. Each handful of hair would make her sad. So she asked my second son to buzz off all her hair. Rather than dealing with each handful, she cut it all off. She is very strong willed. I tease her that she looks like a Shaolin monk.

Now I know that it might seem cruel to tease my wife, but we have found that laughter is an excellent medicine -- laughter and prayers.

Rather than wearing a wig or hat, she has been wearing my son's Kendo tenogui (the cloth you wrap around your head). I think it looks very cool.


Charles C. Goodin