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Too Full

A man went to a restaurant and was was shown to a table. When the waiter came he order a steak, a pizza, a whole chicken, and a big bowl of pasta.

"You must be really hungry," said the waiter.

"Oh no," replied the man. "I just came from a party am stuffed.

"Do you want your order to be packed for take-out?" asked the waiter.

"No, I'll eat it here," answered the man. "Then I'll go outside and throw up."

The waiter thought that it seemed like a waste of perfectly good food.

Don't be like the man and go to a dojo when you are already so full that you cannot absorb anything. You should go when you are really hungry (eager to learn)! That way the food will stay in your body and make you strong.

Don't waste good Karate food.


Charles C. Goodin