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Too Full -- Of Yourself

My last post made me remember a demonstration I observed some time ago.

One instructor paraded out to the center of the dojo and put on a show, like a real showman. You could tell that he was enamored with himself. If there was a mirror in the dojo, I'm sure that he would have been looking in it!

Another instructor, much more senior, also demonstrated. He walked out in a very unassuming way, spoke very cordially to the audience, and demonstrated his kata without flare or pomp. His gi was very simple. He seemed so down to earth, like the kind of person you would want as your own uncle or grandfather.

The first instructor was too full of himself. This was shown not only in his mannerisms but in his Karate movements.

The senior instructor was almost not even there! His manner and movements were pure. What a fine example for Karate students.

You have to empty your cup to learn Karate. This does not only apply to beginners. Never be too full of yourself (no matter what great things you might have done).


Charles C. Goodin