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Things To Do To Be Polite

Here are some things you can do to be polite:

  1. Hold the door open for a lady or an elderly person.
  2. Hold the elevator door open so that it does not close before someone coming down the hall can reach it.
  3. In the elevator, ask a person in the back what floor they would like, and push the button for him.
  4. Address an elder man or woman as "sir" or "maam" (or "uncle" or "aunty" here in Hawaii).
  5. Send a "thank you" card.
  6. When driving, let the other car merge into your lane.
  7. When driving, when someone lets you merge, wave to say thank you.
  8. When a service person does something for you, say "thank you."
  9. When someone does a really good job, write a short note to his boss. It will stay in his file.
  10. When a delivery person brings you a package at your office, offer him a soda.
  11. Check up on someone you know who is ill, and bring them some flowers or pastries.
  12. Being polite in the dojo is easy because there are established norms. Follow the rules of etiquette in your dojo.
Being polite does not cost anything but is worth a lot.


Charles C. Goodin