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The Stronger Student And The Brick

This is a story.

In a dojo there was one senior student who was stronger than all the others. During kumite, he would routinely go with each of the other senior students and defeat them one after the other. Over time, he grew very cocky and would belittle the other students. He took great pride in embarrassing them.

One night, this student and one of the others (whom he had belittled) went out to a restaurant. As they left, two muggers crept up in the darkness. All of a sudden, they struck at the backs of the heads of the students with bricks.

The senior student was struck on the head and died on the spot.

The junior student, who had always been brutalized, had developed a keen sense of awareness and easily moved out of the way. He quickly disarmed the muggers, knocked them out, and waited with them until the police arrived.

Later, the student was asked how he had survived when his senior had died.

"He was very good at beating up people, " explained the student. "Because of him, I learned how to avoid getting beaten up."

In Karate, learning not to get hit is almost as important as learning how to hit. Even if you can hit hard, it won't do much good if you get hit in the head with a brick first.


Charles C. Goodin