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Sensei Sweeping The Floor

What should you do if you come to the dojo and find your Sensei sweeping the floor?

Of course, you should immediately ask to take the broom from your Sensei. You should sweep the dojo.

If your Sensei refuses, you might ask again. If he is firm and will not give up the broom, you should go get another broom and help him. There may be many things to do. You could wipe the mirrors or windows. You could set up chairs or fans. You could get the dust pan. In every dojo, there are many things to do.

This applies to each and every student in the dojo. If the Sensei is sweeping, everyone should be sweeping and cleaning. No one should be idle.

A student should never stand by and watch his Sensei (or seniors) sweeping the dojo.

Don't just stand there. Help your Sensei!

For myself, if I am sweeping the dojo, I will usually refuse when a student asks to take the broom. But I will respect the student for asking.

What should a child do if he sees his mother sweeping the floor at home? Of course, the answer is the same. You should not show more respect to your Sensei than you do your parents. You should not help in the dojo but be lazy at home.

Karate students should be very considerate and helpful at all times.


Charles C. Goodin