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Proud Of Students

Last night, one of our students became ill during class and I sat with him on the side of the room until his mother came to pick him up. It was a strange feeling to be sitting out during the class. I am usually busy teaching.

But it gave me an opportunity to watch the other students. I was so impressed, particularly with the students who were teaching small groups.

When a student can move well, I am very happy. But when that student can also teach others to move well, I am really impressed!

It is pretty difficult to learn to move well. But to be able to teach others to move as well or better than you is a very special and rare thing. It requires the student to be able to explain, in an understandable way, the concepts and mechanics of the movements, as well as to be able to demonstrate the movements, and correct the people he is teaching.

I don't like sitting on the sidelines, but last night, I was thankful for the opportunity to observe such bright young students.

And the student who was ill felt better. He is a very good student. He actually threw up a little in a plastic bag I had gotten for him. I know that he felt bad because of this, but I immediately said, "Wow, you are hard core! Students who barf in class are really trying hard! Way to go!"

Did I mention that one time my eldest son threw up during Kendo practice while wearing his men? The barf splattered out from the metal grills. Now that's hard core! Can you imagine that? Barfing while wearing the men (helmet)!


Charles C. Goodin