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MMA Tag Teams

I have an idea.

In mixed martial arts matches, there should be tag teams. There would be the two main fighters, but they each would have a team member. The team members would have to stay at the edge of the ring (or cage) and could not do anything until the two main fighters go to the ground for say 20 seconds. Then the team members can run in and kick and punch the opposing fighter until the fighters get back to their feet. The team members could not hit each other, only the opposing fighter.

In other words, the fighters could not stay on the ground very long before they would get jumped. If a fighter's hands were tied up choking his opponent, that would be too bad. The opponent's team member could run in and kick him in the head!

Doesn't this sound a little bit like the street?

I am only joking about MMA tag teams and mean no disrespect to MMA people. I always say that early Karate (Tote, Tudi, or "China Hand") was a mixed martial art, incorporating striking, grappling, and everything in between (plus weapons). And I know that many MMA experts warn people about groundwork on the street because of the risk of another person jumping in to help his friend.

But wouldn't it be at least a little interesting to have such MMA tag teams? It would certainly make the fighters get quicker choke-outs or submissions.


Charles C. Goodin