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Karate Attitude

As Karate students, we are always trying to move faster, more smoothly, generate more power, be more efficient. We are always trying to improve our techniques, our mechanics, ourselves. We are never content. Each day we seek improvement. If we reach a new level, we immediately begin working on the next. There is no looking back, only upward and onward! Life is short and there is so much to learn.

At work, I am always trying to become more efficient, to improve my work process. I am never content.

When I look at my yard, I am always thinking about things to fix or change. My sprinklers are not just right. They could be a little better.

My cholesterol needs work. I need to exercise better and watch my diet.

The point is that the demanding attitude we have as Karate students generally applies to all aspects of our lives.

How can I be a better father? I am not content. A better husband? Still room for much improvement. A better friend? I could be better.

Karate training is endless. There are infinite opportunities for working on ourselves.


Charles C. Goodin