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If You Are Healthy -- Train

Today I spoke to a good friend of mine who lives on the mainland. We had not spoken for some time. Due to numerous medical problems, my friend can no longer practice or teach Karate. This must break his heart because he loves Karate deeply.

If you are healthy, please take the opportunity to train. I actually should say, please don't miss the opportunity to train. You can never tell how your health will be in the future. Accidents and illnesses do happen. Now is the time to train your best. By doing so, you will also be getting in better shape and improving your health.

When a person comes to the dojo and does not want to train, that is sad. But when a person wants to come to the dojo and train but cannot because of health reasons, that is really sad.

If you are healthy, don't miss the opportunity to train.

And if you are an instructor who has had to stop training because of health reasons, thank you for helping to spread and preserve the art. The students who learned from you are carrying on Karate in their daily lives. Who knows how many lives you have changed?


Charles C. Goodin