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I wish to comment on the practice of wearing a karate belt "outside" a hakama. When I practiced Aikido, the yudansha would wear their black belts inside their hakama. In Iaido, we wore a thicker belt inside our hakama. In Kendo, we did not wear a belt at all. When a Naginata expert came to my dojo, she did not wear a belt outside her hakama.

But I have noticed some Karate people wearing a belt outside their hakama. This looks very strange to me. Is this to make sure that people can see their belt?

A hakama is a very beautiful piece of clothing. Watching an Aikido expert effortlessly toss attackers is truly a work of art.

I don't think that the beauty of a hakama should be covered by a belt. But that is just my opinion. A belt is just a belt whether it is worn inside or outside.

And while we are at it, when did Karate people start wearing hakama? I guess that it conveys a greater sense of formality. A plain gi is more than enough for me. Even a gi bottom and t-shirt is nice.

I always thought that it was such trouble to nicely fold hakama after training. Oh well!


Charles C. Goodin