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Sometimes we all have to do difficult jobs. But some people spend more time and effort complaining about it than the do actually working.

If you have to do a difficult job, complaining won't change anything. It will just irritate the people around you and probably make your boss think poorly of you. Who do you think he will fire if he has to reduce his work force?

On the other hand, if you do your best and maintain a positive attitude, this will also be noticed by the people around you.

The funny thing is that some people will complain about just about anything. It becomes part of their nature. If this describes you, you might find it hard to see it in yourself. But if you do see it, you should work on yourself and resist the temptation to complain unless it is really necessary.

When faced with a difficult job, you should just "suck it up" and resolve to do your best. Attack the job. Maintain a positive attitude. Learn what you can from the experience. A difficult job may lead to a better one.


Charles C. Goodin