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Cholesterol -- HDL

I recently had a cholesterol test. I will be 50 in December, and try to get a test at least once each year.

During the last year, I have practiced Karate regularly and also started lifting weights with my sons, perhaps 5 times each week. While my weight has remained the same, I have become more muscular, particularly in my upper body. I can tell that I am stronger too. So I was curious to see how my cholesterol level was.

My overall cholesterol was slightly higher than the last test. What really got me was that my HDL (known as good cholesterol) actually got lower. A higher HDL reading is better. Exercise is supposed to increase HDL.

I discussed this with my doctor and explained that I was exercising much more than before. He asked, "are you doing strength or cardio?"

I explained that I was doing much more strength training. He replied that HDL is increased by cario workouts, not by strength training!

I was pretty upset (internally).

So here is what I did. I decided to add cario training to my workouts. A good friend gave me a nice used recumbent exercise bike. Now I will ride the bike before or after weight training. I am hopeful that this will help to increase my HDL.

So sometimes after Karate training, I come home, ride the bike, and then lift weights with my sons. It is fun!

I will let you know how it goes. I will have another cholesterol test around Christmas. I certainly hope that my HDL increases!


Charles C. Goodin