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I once studied with a Karate Sensei (he has since passed away). One day, an older man visited the dojo and asked to become a student. I saw my Sensei talking with him for a while, and then the older man left. (I should note that by "older man" I mean that the man was older than me. I think he was younger than my Sensei.)

Later, my Sensei explained that the man was a bouncer at a night club in Honolulu. My Sensei said that he was reluctant to teach the man Karate because he was not seeking to learn it for self defense. He needed Karate skills to handle the troublemakers and fights that broke out at the night club. My Sensei did not want to be responsible for the injuries that would likely result from teaching the man Karate.

My Sensei had no hesitation at all to teach Karate to policemen or members of the military. Such students protect the public. As a Karate instructor, I feel that it is an honor to teach such students.

But I thought it was interesting that my Sensei did not want to teach a bouncer. That is why I am sharing it here.


Charles C. Goodin