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Best Fighter, But...

Sometimes we talk about who is the best fighter. I suppose that if you had a tournament in which every person in the world participated, you could come up with a person deserving of this title (at least until the next tournament). But even the best fighter will have to be careful because:

  1. A lesser fighter could catch him by surprise.
  2. A lesser fighter might be armed.
  3. Even the #1 fighter in the world probably cannot defeat the #10 and #11 combined.
  4. Even a lesser fighter might get lucky.
  5. The best fighter could become permanently injured.
  6. The best fighter might suffer a heart attack or stroke (especially as he gets older).
I was watching a show about predators. The narrator mentioned how animals such as sharks and lions will be very careful not to injure their eyes or break their teeth. Even such "great" predators have to be careful. They could undoubtedly kill a prey animal, but if they themselves became injured they might eventually starve or die from a wound.

One on one in a fair fight, the better fighter will defeat a lesser one... probably. In Karate, we never count on a one on one conflict or a fair fight.


Charles C. Goodin