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Angel Lemus Coming To Hawaii

Now that he has announced it, I am happy to mention that my friend Sensei Angel Lemus of the Okinawa Shorinryu Toude Zentokukai will be moving to Hawaii early next year! Angel was a writer and editor of Bugeisha, one of the finest Karate journals ever published, and is a talented graphic artist and designer.

The Zentokukai traces its lineage to Chotoku Kyan. In that regard, and others, Angel's and my backgrounds are linked. He has visited us at the Hikari Dojo (as has his wife Judy), and I have always been a big fan of this Karate research, writing, technique and work. You can see a small sample at the online video of his Elbow Exercise in the Form of a Karate Kata.

I am looking forward to training opportunities with Angel, and am excited about the prospect of imposing upon his talents for Hawaii Karate Museum projects.

If you think about it, Angel belongs in Hawaii -- the closest place to heaven on Earth.


Charles C. Goodin