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Watching Others Perform Kata

You can learn a lot by watching other people perform kata.

On a very superficial level, you might notice when he makes an error such as leaving out a movement, turning in the wrong direction, making the kiai at the wrong point, or performing individual techniques incorrectly.

On a deeper level, you might notice the way that he generates power. Does he simply "muscle" the movements or is he using a more sophisticated method, such as "whole body" koshi?

How is his timing? How does he enter? How does he shift his body? These are all excellent questions.

But on a deeper level, you might ask what he is thinking and feeling. Is he angry, conceited, afraid, composed, trembling...?

Does his kata have a certain "floweriness" or flair? Is he performing the kata to make an impression? Does this reflect arrogance or insecurity?

It is one thing to be able to read the kata. It is another to be able to read the person. You might try to do both.

You might try to be aware of these things when you perform kata yourself.


Charles C. Goodin