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Wallet In Front Pocket

When I go to a theater or shopping mall, I move my wallet from from back pocket to my front pocket. This is to avoid fights.

If my wallet is in my back pocket, someone might try to steal it. Pick pockets often work in pairs, so there may well be more than one of them. If I am lucky enough to confront the thief or thieves, they might try to fight or might even be armed. To defend myself, I might have to use dangerous techniques. I could be injured. I could injure one of them or a bystander. Who knows?

So to avoid all this, I move my wallet to my front pocket where it is much more difficult to steal.

Of course, you never know what could happen. But if moving my wallet reduces the risk of theft and a possible fight, then it is wise to do so. And it is such an easy thing.

Karate is about not fighting. Self defense is not fighting. The attacker is fighting. The defender is only defending.

Karate techniques should be used as a last resort and only to the extent necessary. Prevention is the best technique.


Charles C. Goodin