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Student's Needs

The other day I was observing a student moving during class. I could tell that the student's body alignment was less than ideal and spent some time working on this with him.

However, upon reflection, I realized that the student's body alignment was less than ideal for me. At my phase of training -- right at this moment -- his body alignment would not be ideal for me. But it might have been OK for him.

This is not to say that his body alignment could not be improved. Certainly, the lesson I taught was useful and correct. However, the question is whether it was the right thing to teach to that particular student at that particular time. Would it have been better if I taught him something else?

This is a question we always have to ask ourselves. Am I teaching the right thing at the right time to the right student? The issues I am working on myself might be interesting to me, but they might not be appropriate or the best choice for a student (at this time).

If a car has a flat tire, it might not be the best time to change its lights. You should repair the flat tire first.


Charles C. Goodin