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Signed Books

What is the mystique about signed Karate books? Apparently, a book that has been signed by the author is more valuable than one that has not. But both books contain exactly the same content -- text and photos. They are identical, except for the signature.

Does the signature add content? Does it make the words more true or the photos any clearer?

We have many signed books in our Hawaii Karate Museum. I am glad that they are signed. But I'm not sure why.

I co-authored a real estate book. We actually had a book signing party. Someone asked me to sign their book and write, "to the best real estate agent ever!" I wondered, is he really the best? I just signed my name. But looking back, I still am not sure why authors sign books.

It would be different if the author scribbled notes in the margins to explain things, or even drew some pictures. I would like that -- it adds to content.

Sorry to ramble. And to any authors who have signed books for me, I mean no offense. Books are good... because of their content.


Charles C. Goodin