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Sensei's Friends

In my dojo, it is natural that my students will show me respect and courtesy. This is inherent of the student/teacher relationship.

I have many friends who are also Karate sensei. My students will also show respect and courtesy to them. In fact, they will show them at least as much respect and courtesy as they show to me, if not more. A failure to do so would reflect extremely negatively on me.

Students should be very mindful of this.

Students should always be aware that they represent and reflect upon their sensei by their actions, ways of expressing themselves, body language, eye motions, etc. -- not simply by their words.

When I meet my Sensei's friends, I strive to show them the same respect that I show my Sensei.

Another way to think of this is to view your sensei as your father. His friends would be like your uncles. It is natural that you would show respect to your own uncles (or aunties)!


Charles C. Goodin