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Proofing Students

I am a real estate attorney. Much of my day is spent proofing documents, looking for any errors. I have done this for 20 years and am pretty good at catching typos (except in this blog sometimes). I find them even at stores, airports, everywhere. You'd be surprised at how many businesses do not seem to care about such things.

One of the rules of proofing is this: if you find one error, look for others. An error means that there might be a bigger problem with a document. One error means that there might be others.

When I meet Karate students, I also feel the same way. If a student does not follow the proper courtesies, I will be on guard for other errors. If a student does not address his seniors properly or breaches other rules of protocol, he probably does other things wrong too. He may be egotistical, insensitive, careless, etc.

One error means that there may be others.

I am not speaking here about technical errors. Naturally, newer students have many errors and seasoned students have much fewer (hopefully). Technical errors are not a major problem. Practice and attention can fix them.

As student myself, I try to make sure that I do not present errors that will make my seniors question the rest of my Karate. We can only try our best, but the key is to try.


Charles C. Goodin